This meet will be a great time to get our group together for the first time in several months. We will meet and greet at the rec room at Pepper Tree Village Condos. The address is 3726 NE 45th St in Vancouver, WA. This will be near 45th and St. John's. While the agenda is open at this point, it is thought that after a quick meet and greet, we may venture out in groups for photos, and then reconvene for sharing of images and general conversation.

A big thank you goes out to Suzanne Hinton for providing the meet location. We look forward to seeing all of you there!

For more information and more ways to share photos and photography related information, you can also join our CCC Photographers Facebook group, if you have not done so already.

And anyone with questions can email me at


If you want to shoot us the details (date, time, address) in an email, we can post the meetup as a news item and email all Capture SWWA users. Email


Thank you, Chris. I just emailed it to you. Feel free to come to the meet. There are some folks who would love to have you there.

I'm honored to be invited! Thank you so much for inviting a person whom has no idea what she is doing. Unfortunately, I must decline. I'm sick now, and it inhibits me from travel, and frolicking in my sanctuaries. I would like ONE request from you all.

PLEASE, send me all of what happened to my email, since I now live vicariously through you! My email is Thank you all so much, for taking the time to do this thing for me!

Blessings! Cheri

Howard, so sorry but I cannot attend as I am heading down to California for business on Sunday afternoon. Darn. Next time! It'd be great to finally meet you and others in this group! Dave Meyer

I'd love to come! I'll see if I can tear myself away from housework.

Thanks Howard for the efforts and invitation. I am in Florida and can not make this time.

Hope to see you next time.

Mehrdad :-)

We had 18 turn out for the meet, though weather prohibited as for doing much shooting out and about. We have decided to set up a meet on the last Sunday of each month. For next month's meet, we will decide on a location to shoot and then share some editing time, and final images. For future meets we may bring a laptop and projector for people to share some techniques in processing. Other ideas includes presentations on specialty subjects, such as portraiture, light art, waterfalls, landscapes, stars and milky way, etc. Some ideas that came up tonight for a group shoot on the same day as the next meet include: Cedar Creek Grist Mill, The Grotto, Japanese Gardens, Hoyt Arboretum, and Sacajawea Park. It was a fun meet tonight, and until next time...get ready for it....continue to C...C...C!!!

Howard, just a note to say I'd love to meet the others on the site, I've never seen so much talent in such a small area. I can be contacted at;

Thanks, Jerry Duff